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Like I claimed, if the headphone microphone doesn’t get the job done, then you possible have a logic board trouble.

i have the very same trouble. tried using to improve the lightning connector but the issue is still there. Lasse Kleppe you in all probability have a board stage failure – the Codec circuit and most likely the Codec chip. It handles audio all through cellular phone calls.

I’ve been enduring the precise identical detail but only while on speaker cell phone. The initial five/ten seconds the other person can hear me then soon after that they are not able to listen to me at all until eventually I take it off speaker mobile phone.

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Helps make no considering the fact that and seriously generating me Contemplate throwing this telephone in the trash and heading again to android. Qualcomm WTR1625L RF Transceiver Or Cirrus Logic 338S1201 Audio Codec? But it sounds a large amount additional like a software thing. Possibly a backup to restore? Whatchu assume, bro? @refectio. I have no notion. I have restored it 2 times now and nothing looks to cure the trouble.

Mics all do the job a hundred% except for all through cell phone calls. I am totally at a reduction listed here. I necessarily mean, the place does the cellular connection come from anyway? The bottom antenna, correct? The major antenna is for Wi-Fi? It’s possible it’s a little something to do with the mobile link, observing as it operates in excess of facetime audio and that is details instead of mobile? But how would I go about correcting that? Is that a logic board difficulty or could an antenna be undesirable?This is just insanity.

I’ve observed it fairly a handful of instances since this was posted.

And was capable to take care of on most but two circumstances that were being truly thanks to crack below CPU. Usually it was Codec in most circumstances. https://ioscallrecorder.net/ Which codec rany The key major U0900 Audio Codec?I am not near my schematics now. But the audio codec is a little earlier mentioned and right of the PMIC in the 6 sequence. Sometimes audio “concerns” can happen from lacking communication in between CPU and BBCPU. But the “non seem” that I’ve had have been Codec circuit failure.

I normally pull the chip, test the pads wanting for overall or partial small, then use a substitute chip reballed with leaded solder. Take a look at the very same working day and wait around till it cools, say next working day. If it is a crack below CPU, it will get the job done for a even though when you substitute Codec then are unsuccessful yet again.

Hi you fellas, I don’t realize all this Codec communicate. Does this mean I have to exchange my cellular phone or attempt to have Apple repair it?Like @theimedic stated, products making use of iOS ten are susceptible to a sound bug that was supposedly fastened in iOS ten. So if you are not still at ten. If you continue to have an situation, it could be the two transceivers. It would be a board amount repair. I suspect it would be the Qualcomm WTR1625L RF Transceiver also mentioned by iMedic. However, a thorough record of the mobile phone can enable slender down the issue.

The cell phone is essentially on iOS9 continue to. History of the cellphone is that I purchased this for my nephew, he cracked the display and had the screen changed.

Worked great, but then cracked the screen once again and apparently also had an issue with cell phone phone calls the place the particular person on the other end would scarcely listen to him and in its place hear “wind” is what he claimed. When I bought it, the getting stop heard absolutely nothing. If I had to guess, the person who replaced the monitor messed one thing up? Particularly considering the fact that the silence will crackle on the obtaining conclude of the cellphone call when transferring the screen flex cables, and crackle incredibly negative if I unplug the entrance mic flex from the logic board, and all will come to a peaceful once more the moment I plug it back in.