Tracking Class

The first GSLDTC tracking class taught by Dan Wheeler was held Saturday, November 25th at Lake Point on BLM land. It was a cold and snowy day, but handlers and their dogs had a great time. Hoping to get them ready for our May’s Tracking Test.

Sign up and first class we plan to meet at the U of U medical center north east side of the parking lot (turn right at the light off Hi way 36 into Stansbury Park, (go west) then right to the parking lot (which is about a block south of the Maverick ) in Stansbury Park, on the west side of the road.  The class will be at the top of Bates Canyon Road (second light south of Stansbury Park, head left up the hill, as first light south goes in to a gravel pit) turn east (left) up the hill at the light.

Cost for class is $100 and $90 for the second dog or second class. Members will be free or discounted depending on their Semi-Annual Self Certification.

Class will be November thru May Tracking Event.

Bring the following items on the first day of class: Dog, harness, 30-40 foot lead, “Bait”, tracking flags, and maybe a first aid kit.

Tracking is a non-competitive sport that utilizes a dog’s phenomenal sense of smell. The dog follows a scent trail left by a human or animals. Applications of this sport include hunting, search and rescue, hobby (just for fun) or sport (and for titles).

Workers at our Tracking Test qualify for a Voucher for a pre-draw for our Tracking Test.

As defined by the Board of Directors of the Great Salt Lake Dog Training Club. A test worker is a person that was the Trial Chairperson, Chief Tracklayer, a Tracklayer or Cross Tracklayer at our TDX or TD Test held during the previous year. Motion voted on unanimously at our January 2010 meeting.

Please remember this is the only class that is not held Wednesday evenings at the West Jordan Armory.

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